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On Sunday 11th July the Crocs took part in their first competitive tournament at Enfield! In the morning our women’s team played in a round robin against more experienced teams. Although the girls only had a few training sessions to play as a team, they used their knowledge of the game and of each other’s strengths to win sets and came out of the tournament in last place having gained experience and high hopes for the next one!

The Crocodiles men’s team played well in a competitive group in the afternoon. Each match reflected greater confidence and knowledge of the game. Despite coming 8th in the tournament, the men’s team displayed their ability to throw, dodge, catch and work effectively as a team.  

With further tournaments and training we can expect good things from our teams! A big well done to all of our players for their efforts! An exciting start to the Canterbury Crocodiles competitive journey!


Special shout-outs to: 

Men’s MVP: Adam English  

Women’s MVP: Lauren Shrewsbury 

For their excellent plays and calls, both using their position on court to guide the teams through their first tournament. 

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On Sunday August 1st the Crocs headed to Southampton to take part in our second British Dodgeball open!


After being put in a hard group facing Bath Bombers, Rhondda and London Storm 1s. We then faced Berkshire Royals in an entertaining game coming out eventual winners and claiming 7th place! An amazing achievement for our second tournament! 

We are very proud of our players, they truly showed their passion for the sport! 

Special shout out to Ryan George impressing at his first tournament, throwing some insane curve balls and making a great catch!


The MVP of the day was James Owen, using his experience and skill to dictate the tempo of the team in our first ever competitive win!


2 nominees for donkey of the day. Adam English for returning to the court in front of the return line during a 30 second set which would have seen us win the set! Secondly Dara Glasgow for winning the middle ball and then proceeding to take the other teams balls before they had got there! 


Amazing day for everyone involved! Our teams are improving with each tournament! We’re excited to see how we do in the next one!