Welcome to Junior Dodgeball! Canterbury Crocodiles Dodgeball Club aims to introduce new members of all ages and abilities to the sport with the hopes of spreading the love of our sport!


Our Junior Dodgeball Club is catered to teaching the key skills of dodgeball while also following the game rules that makes the game appropriate for each age group. We have three qualified British Dodgeball Level 2 coaches, all with an enhanced up-to-date DBS.

Why dodgeball?

Dodgeball is a fantastic, fun and well rounded form of exercise, that encompasses many key skills that can be transferred to any sport, such as; teamwork, throwing, jumping, running and catching. As a sport, dodgeball is greatly inclusive; whether you are sporty or just want to try something new, there is something for everyone in dodgeball. Junior Dodgeball offers the chance to be apart of a small community that we hope to grow one player at a time. With this comes meeting new people, learning new skills and if you want to take a competitive route; there will be opportunities to compete in junior tournaments. With the launch of our Junior Dodgeball Club, we are excited to welcome new players to our community and the sport we all love!

Weekly training sessions are on Tuesday evenings at Dover District Leisure Center between 5:30-6:30pm. We cater for children aged 7-15 (16+ are able to attend our adult sessions on Tuesdays (6:30-8:00 Dover) or Thursdays (7-8:30pm Canterbury).

At the venue there is a viewing gallery as well as a cafe area where you can wait during the session. Any child aged 7 must have a parent/guardian remaining at the venue while the child is on site. 

Fancy joining the Canterbury Crocodiles?

We hold training every Tuesday at Dover Leisure Centre from 5:30-6:30pm!

If you are interested and have any questions then please send us an email. If you would like to register your child then please follow the online booking process below and complete the Junior Membership Form and bring it along to their first session.